A Greek feast guaranteed to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites!This favourite menu includes generous portions of the following:






Available all week at £16.50 (per person) Minimum 2 covers




Soup Soup of the day. £3.75
TaramasalataSmoked cod roe creamed with oil, lemon juice and onion. £3.75
HoumousChick peas creamed with sesame oil, lemon juice and garlic (contains nuts). £3.75
Tzatziki Greek strained yoghurt mixed with cucumber, mint and garlic £3.75
Prawn Cocktail £4.50
KeftedakiaMinced lamb meatballs, seasoned with herbs. £4.50
Greek Wine Sausages Minced smoked pork, blended with red wine and coriander. £4.50
Mushrooms A La Grec Mushrooms cooked in garlic tomato sauce. £4.50
HaloumiMature Greek cheese, shallow fried in olive oil. £4.50
Saganaki Cheese £4.50
KalamariTender squid marinated and deep fried. £4.95
King Prawns Juicy grilled prawns marinated in olive oil, garlic and lemon. £4.95
Prawn Saganki Prawns cooked in a rich tomato sauce with chopped onions peppers and feta cheese. £4.95
Dolmades A savoury dish of vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. £4.50
GigantesButter beans cooked in tomato sauce £4.25
Spanakopitta Cheese and spinach pies, feta cheese, spinach and herbs wrapped in flaky filo pastry. £4.50
Grilled Fresh Vegetables Served in an olive oil and garlic dressing, with tzatziki. £4.50
Garlic Bread £2.50
Garlic Bread With Cheese £2.75
Pitta Bread £0.30
Olives £1.75





MousakaMinced lamb, sliced aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and Tomatoes, crowned with a béchamel sauce (contains nuts). £9.50
Lamb KebabNew seasoned lamb marinated and grilled. £9.95
KleftikoTender lamb on the bone, roasted to perfection in the oven with Greek spices and herbs. £10.50
Befteki AtlantisMinced lamb and onion burgers, topped with melted cheese. £9.50
Mixed GrillA selection of various grills. (Lamb, pork, chicken, befteki and sausages.) £9.95
YiouvetsiTender lamb cooked in tomatoes, onions and herbs and served on orzo pasta, topped with cheese and baked in the oven
Arni HoriatikoDiced lean lamb braised with tomatoes and onions served with green beans
Mixed KebabNew seasoned lamb, pork and boneless marinated chicken grilled. £9.50
StifadoPieces of lean beef cooked in red wine, onions and tomatoes. £9.50
Chicken KebabBoneless chicken breast pieces marinated and Char grilled. £9.50
Kotopoulo LemonatoBoneless breast of chicken marinated and cooked with cream, lemons and white wine. £9.50
Pork KebabMarinated fillet of pork seasoned and grilled. £9.50
Sirloin Steak Extra MatureServed with fries and salad. £14.50



SalmonFresh salmon steak grilled and served with potatoes and green beans. £9.95
SeabassFreshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with potatoes and green beans. £12.50
Sea BreamWhole freshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with potatoes and green beans. £12.50



Vegetarian Mousaka £9.50
Vegitarian Platter £9.50
Greek Saladtraditional Greek salad with olives, dolmades, chillies
and feta cheese.

All our main courses are served with rice, potatoes and salad £2.00 extra on the “Weekend Special”
not included in the half price offer



Bottle Price (750ml) Carafe (500ml) Glass(175ml)
RedA classic full bodies dry red wine bottled in Greece. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
WhiteA light crisp wine bottled in Greece. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
RetsinaFruity flavour and soft resinated aroma. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
RoseFruity and soft flavour. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95



Bottle Price
Nemea AgiorgitikoThis fine dry red is truly one of its kind, with a rich velvet flavour distinct presence of tannins and pleasant vanilla aftertaste. £18.95
Damaskinos V.Q.P.R.DSilver medal winner in Athens 2004. a deep red colour, rich sweet aroma of dried fruits and spices, full bodied with mature tannins £18.95
SyrahDeep red colour, complex aromas of small red fruits and spices with a rich velvety taste. £17.95
Makedonikos RedA medium red wine with a rich red aroma and smooth after taste. £17.50
Hatzimhali Dionysus HoraA dry red wine from the Hatzimihali winery. £17.95
RiojaA red wine with great balance of fruit and oak. £17.95



Bottle Price
Hatzimhali Dionysus HoraA dry white wine from the Hatzimihali winery £17.95
DogmatikosIts colour betraying its provenance from red grapes, especially rich aromas which characterises the wine making method.

Makedonikos WhiteMedium dry white wine, smooth with rich and fine aroma. £17.50
MoschofileroA dry white wine with aromas of rose and citrus. £18.95
Pinot Grigio A popular light, crisp white wine. £17.50


Bottle Price
ChampagneSelected by the house £29.00
Sparkling wine Selected by the house

Bottled Beers(330ml)(Mythos or Peroni) £3.95
LiqueursVarious £3.95
Spirits (Mixers 45p) £3.50 (£3.95)
Soft DrinksCoke, Diet Coke, Tango, 7up £2.50
JuicesOrange, Apple, Cranberry £2.50
Mineral Water still or sparkling 750 ml bottle

Mineral Water still or sparkling 330 ml bottle