A Greek feast guaranteed to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites!This favourite menu includes generous portions of the following:






Available all week at £16.50 (per person) Minimum 2 covers




Soup Tomato soup. £3.95
TaramasalataSmoked cod roe creamed with oil, lemon juice and onion. £3.95
HoumousChick peas creamed with sesame oil, lemon juice and garlic (contains nuts). £3.95
Tzatziki Greek strained yoghurt mixed with cucumber, mint and garlic £3.95
Prawn Cocktail £4.95
KeftedakiaMinced lamb meatballs, seasoned with herbs. £4.95
Greek Wine Sausages Minced smoked pork, blended with red wine and coriander. £4.95
Mushrooms A La Grec Mushrooms cooked in garlic tomato sauce. £4.95
HaloumiMature Greek cheese, shallow fried in olive oil. £5.25
Saganaki Cheese £5.25
KalamariTender squid marinated and deep fried. £5.25
King Prawns Juicy grilled prawns marinated in olive oil, garlic and lemon. £5.25
Prawn Saganki Prawns cooked in a rich tomato sauce with chopped onions peppers and feta cheese. £5.25
Dolmades A savoury dish of vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. £4.95
GigantesButter beans cooked in tomato sauce £4.50
Spanakopitta Cheese and spinach pies, feta cheese, spinach and herbs wrapped in flaky filo pastry. £4.95
Grilled Fresh Vegetables Served in an olive oil and garlic dressing, with tzatziki. £4.95
Garlic Bread £2.50
Garlic Bread With Cheese £2.75
Pitta Bread £0.35
Olives £1.95





MousakaMinced lamb, sliced aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and Tomatoes, crowned with a béchamel sauce (contains nuts). £9.95
Lamb KebabNew seasoned lamb marinated and grilled. £10.50
KleftikoTender lamb on the bone, roasted to perfection in the oven with Greek spices and herbs. £11.50
Befteki AtlantisMinced lamb and onion burgers, topped with melted cheese. £9.95
Mixed GrillA selection of various grills. (Lamb, pork, chicken, befteki and sausages.) £10.50
YiouvetsiTender lamb cooked in tomatoes, onions and herbs and served on orzo pasta, topped with cheese and baked in the oven. £10.50
Arni HoriatikoDiced lean lamb braised with tomatoes and onions served with green beans. £10.50
Mixed KebabNew seasoned lamb, pork and boneless marinated chicken grilled. £9.95
StifadoPieces of lean beef cooked in red wine, onions and tomatoes. £10.50
Chicken KebabBoneless chicken breast pieces marinated and Char grilled. £9.95
Kotopoulo LemonatoBoneless breast of chicken marinated and cooked with cream, lemons and white wine. £9.95
Pork KebabMarinated fillet of pork seasoned and grilled. £9.95
Sirloin Steak Extra MatureServed with fries and salad. £14.95



SalmonFresh salmon steak grilled and served with potatoes and green beans. £10.95
SeabassFreshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with potatoes and green beans. £12.95
Sea BreamWhole freshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with potatoes and green beans. £12.95



Vegetarian Mousaka £9.95
Vegitarian Platter £9.95
Greek Saladtraditional Greek salad with olives, dolmades, chillies
and feta cheese.

All our main courses are served with rice, potatoes and salad £2.00 extra on the “Weekend Special”.



Bottle Price (750ml) Carafe (500ml) Glass(175ml)
RedA classic full bodies dry red wine bottled in Greece. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
WhiteA light crisp wine bottled in Greece. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
RetsinaFruity flavour and soft resinated aroma. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95
RoseFruity and soft flavour. £14.95 £9.95 £3.95



Bottle Price
Nemea AgiorgitikoThis fine dry red is truly one of its kind, with a rich velvet flavour distinct presence of tannins and pleasant vanilla aftertaste. £18.95
Damaskinos V.Q.P.R.DSilver medal winner in Athens 2004. a deep red colour, rich sweet aroma of dried fruits and spices, full bodied with mature tannins £18.95
SyrahDeep red colour, complex aromas of small red fruits and spices with a rich velvety taste. £17.95
Makedonikos RedA medium red wine with a rich red aroma and smooth after taste. £17.50
RiojaA red wine with great balance of fruit and oak. £17.95



Bottle Price
DogmatikosIts colour betraying its provenance from red grapes, especially rich aromas which characterises the wine making method. £18.50
Makedonikos WhiteMedium dry white wine, smooth with rich and fine aroma. £17.50
MoschofileroA dry white wine with aromas of rose and citrus. £18.95
Pinot Grigio A popular light, crisp white wine. £18.95


Bottle Price
ChampagneSelected by the house £29.00
Sparkling wine Prosecco £18.95
Bottled Beers(330ml)(Mythos or Peroni) £3.95
LiqueursVarious £3.95
Spirits (Mixers 45p) £3.50 (£3.95)
Soft DrinksCoke, Diet Coke, Tango, 7up £2.50
JuicesOrange, Apple, Cranberry £2.50
Mineral Water still or sparkling 750 ml bottle £3.95
Mineral Water still or sparkling 330 ml bottle £2.25