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An excellent reputation built on offering good quality food.

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A relaxed informal atmosphere with friendly service.

Passionate Greek Hospitality

Alantis Greek Restaurant has a passion for food and service.

Great Greek Food

The most traditional Greek recepies, traditionally cooked with fresh ingredients.

Large Range of Foods

Outstanding food selections and the very best fresh ingredients.

Enjoy Great Greek Food

A Greek feast guaranteed to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites!

Main Course

Sea BreamWhole freshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with potatoes and green beans.£11.95
SalmonFresh salmon steak grilled and served with potatoes and green beans.£9.50
SeabassFreshly grilled with olive oil and lemon dressing, served with seasonal new potatoes and green beans.£11.95
MousakaMinced lamb, sliced aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and Tomatoes, crowned with a béchamel sauce (contains nuts).£8.95
Lamb KebabNew seasoned lamb marinated and grilled.£9.50
KleftikoTender lamb on the bone, roasted to perfection in the oven with Greek spices and herbs.£9.95
Befteki AtlantisMinced lamb and onion burgers, topped with melted cheese.£8.95
Mixed GrillA selection of various grills. (Lamb, pork, chicken, befteki and sausages.) £9.50
YiouvetsiTender lamb cooked in tomatoes, onions and herbs and served on orzo pasta, topped with cheese and baked in the oven
Arni HoriatikoDiced lean lamb braised with tomatoes and onions served with green beans
Mixed KebabNew seasoned lamb, pork and boneless marinated chicken grilled.£8.95
StifadoPieces of lean beef cooked in red wine, onions and tomatoes.£9.25
Chicken KebabBoneless chicken breast pieces marinated and Char grilled. £8.95
Kotopoulo LemonatoBoneless breast of chicken marinated and cooked with cream, lemons and white wine. £8.95
Pork KebabMarinated fillet of pork seasoned and grilled.£8.95
Sirloin Steak Extra Mature*Served with fries and salad.£13.95
Vegetarian Mousaka£8.95
Vegetarian Platter
Greek SaladTraditional Greek salad with olives, dolmades, chillies and feta cheese.£6.00

All our main courses are served with rice, potatoes and salad

£2.00 extra on the “Weekend Special”

VAT Inclusive